Markus Schulz

Alias: Dakota, Himmel

Residing in Miami USA, Markus Schulz is leading the charge and rise of trance music in the States. This year (2012) Markus was voted DJ Time’s America’s Best DJ of 2012 with the other top 10 artists being of a different genre. Schulz is also one of the most busiest DJs around, constantly flying across the world playing headline gigs to tens of thousands of people at a time.

Dubbed the Unicorn Slayer, Markus’ approach to trance can be seen through his label Coldhabour Recordings. Coldhabour has two main purposes, firstly it is a platform to help new artists achieve their dream and secondly it provides fuel to Markus’ high energy sets. You could describe the tracks on the label to be less ‘cheezy’ hence his new nick name.

Markus Schulz has an exhausting list of productions and remixes dating back to 1993 and includes 4 artist albums ‘Without You Near’ (2005), ‘Progression (2007), ‘Do You Dream’ (2010) and Scream (2012). There are also 2 editions of ‘Thoughts Become Things’ which is under his Dakota alias and 9 volumes of compilation albums; ‘Coldharbour Sessions’, ‘Miami’, ‘Ibiza’, ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Toronto’, ‘Armada at Ibiza – Summer 2008′, ‘Las Vegas’, ‘Prague’ and ‘Los Angeles’ ranging from 2004 to 2012.

Recently Markus has been playing extend sets at his events, sometimes from open to close as in the case of when he played at Ministry of Sound London in June 2012. This feature is practically extinct amongst DJs these days with exclusion to events like Armin Only.

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