Aliases: 2nd Element, Electronic Architecture 2, Rich Mowatt, Richard Stone, Sparky, Young Parisians

Richard Mowatt is Solarstone, but originally formed as a group consisting of Andy Bury and Sam Tierney. In 1997, Sam Tierney left the group in 1997 and in 2006 Andy Bury did as well.
Solarstone has been a big player in the trance scene with massive Balearic tracks like “Late Summer Fields”, “Seven Cities”, “Solarcoaster”, “Naked Angel” (with Scott Bond) and under their Young Parisians alias, “Jump The Next Train”. A strong believer in “pure trance”, Solarstone is keen to bring trance back to its roots.

Solarstone – Please

by Nguyen on 13/04/2013

in Uplifting Trance

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