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by Forz on 05/03/2012

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Playing at Creamfields Australia in late April/Early May this year, we got the chance to catch up with the dutch-born DJ who calls Australia home.

You are predominantly known in Australia, could you give an introduction on yourself and your style of music?
My style of music is more towards the tech-trance side of things. I don’t think there is a name for it or it is called anything, I blend a whole bunch of genre’s together and try to play what I would want to hear if I was in a club. Sometimes its really “pretty” and more uplifting like “The Island” or sometimes its a lot more bangin’ like what I did with the Brainbox remix. Even with my originals some are a lot more energetic and some are a lot more chilled out.

You’re Dutch, but have an Australian accent! Tell us a little bit about where you’re from?
I was born in Holland but live in Melbourne Australia now and have for about 4 years. I’ve lived in Holland before that for about a year and a half. I’ve sort of gone back and forth between holland and Australia most of my life, I actually completed high school in Sydney. My accent changes dependent on where I am! When i’m in Australia, I have an Australian accent and when I’m in Holland, I have a Dutch accent! Funny thing to add to that is I dream in Australia in English but when I’m in Holland I dream in Dutch!

MaRLo on the decks

MaRLo on the decks

The trance scene isn’t nearly as big in Australia is it is in other parts of the world. What are your thoughts on that?
I actually think the trance scene is quite good in Australia. I think its a strong, passionate following. We don’t quite have the numbers but we’re a small country anyway. The people that DO like trance in Australia are really passionate about it and that makes it a good scene which continues to build as well. With events like Creamfields and Stereosonic 2011 these did huge things for trance – some of the best trance lineups I’ve ever seen. 2-3 years back there werent many trance acts at the festivals maybe 1 or 2 headliners and now we’re seeing 5-6 acts filling out full stages.

There must have been a point in your musical career where you’ve thought “This is it, I’ve made it!” Could you describe that moment?
I still don’t think that! I’ve never reached that point! I’m far from it. I’m really excited with everything I’ve achieved and really happy but I always want to achieve more and work on the next thing. I’ve been busy a long time and have always been determined to do what I love to do and do it well. I’ve been producing since 2000 and DJ’ing since about 2002 so for me its a continuous journey.

Congratulations on receiving the honour of playing at ASOT 550 in holland!
Thank you! Definitely a highlight for me. It all sort of fell in to place rather nicely with Armin playing a lot of what I was making last year, and then he asked me to remix one of his tracks and invited me to play at 550 as well as tour with him on the Stereosonic tour.

Is 550 the first time you’re going to be playing to such a big crowd?
I’ve played some big events such as Trance Energy in Holland in 2008 and a few others but I think this will be the biggest trance-only event I’ve played at.



What would you say is the biggest difference between the dutch crowd and the Australian crowd?
The Dutch crowd have seen a lot already and are really experienced in music. They’ve seen a lot of big shows and every DJ you can think of so they’ve sort of done it all already. On one side this means they know how to party and have a great time, on the other side however, it takes a lot more to impress them! I love playing in Holland though, it’s really cool! The age group in Australia is much younger so 18-26ish, where as in Holland it’s much more mixed and it’s quite common to see a 40-45 year old dancing in the crowd. Corporate-type people will even take out their entire office to some of the gigs and just party up!

Whats keeping you busiest at the moment?
I’m pretty busy at the moment working on a new EP for ASOT 2012. Nobody has heard it yet and I’m really excited to see what people think. It’s pretty bangin’ and energetic. I’ve also got a whole bunch of remixes that are coming out soon. Lot’s of touring as well – Canada, Australia, Ukraine, UK happening in the next few months!

Can you describe your most memorable set or event? How did it make you feel?
One of the most memorable would of been playing at Trance Energy in Holland. It was a dream when I first started and it was really cool when it actually happened. When they called me up and asked me to play, I literally had tears of joy in my eyes – what a moment!

On average, how long does it take to remix a track?
Probably 4-5 days. Sometimes it takes longer if the label wants changes or the original song doesn’t have a strong melody or vocal to work with it can make it difficult. Other times the track has great flow and makes it quicker to produce.

If you were’nt a DJ, what would you be doing?
Probably a computer animator! I started doing computer animation in high school and needed sound effects when I would produce an explosion or whatever. Then I needed backing tracks and that’s how I started out with my music career. One of my friends (without me knowing) submitted one of my tracks to a radio station and it got a lot of play. That sort of made me go “oh this is pretty cool!” and that sort of started it all.

Who or what bands are your biggest musical influences?
I really like Coldplay and Radiohead.

What is your favourite song?
There are too many great songs for me to chose one best!

Any last words to say to your fans out there?
Thank you so much for the support! I love making music and I love when people like listening to it as well!

Thanks for your time MaRLo! Looking forward to seeing you at Creamfields!
Thanks! Cya!


See more of MaRLo at his official website and MySpace page.

Catch MaRLo @ Creamfields Australia 2012!

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