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by Ian on 16/03/2012

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The annual Creamfields Tour will bring Chad and Dave of Tritonal back down under. We had the opportunity to ask the boys a few questions!

Chad and Dave – you’ve toured Australia a couple of times before. What’s your favourite thing about Australia? Do you have a favourite city that you like to play to?

Chad – One of the fondest memories for me was running the City to Surf 2012 in Sydney!! I was jet lagged, just finished a gig, and awoke to thousands of people heading down town. After snagging a Starbucks, It thought what the hell and ran the entire thing!! The coastline, city views and overall journey were absolutely amazing, and finishing at Banzai Beach after 14kms was truly something special.

Dave – Australia has always been really fun, but I really love Perth! It reminds me so much of Austin here in Texas. The city is somewhat small but yet seems so familiar. Just being able to walk around and enjoy each city in Australia has filled quite the memories for me! Love it :)

You guys are coming back down under for the Creamfields tour, what are you most excited about? What can the crowds expect from you?

Chad – I am so excited to be playing Australia for the festivals this year. Previously we’ve had great gigs, but they’ve always been club driven performances. To be playing alongside this all star cast of artists is amazing!

Dave – Oh yes, I agree – being able to play a BIG festival throughout the continent is going to be such a different experience aside from playing more of the club events. The crowds should expect a lot of energy that we’ve stored up for Australia!! We’re ready to throw down a stellar performance.

Tritonal has achieved success extremely quick. What do you think led to your massive success?

Chad – It’s been all about the tracks. Our debut artist album Piercing The Quiet, charted globally on iTunes Dance at #5, and we’ve had three smashing #1 Beatport Hit singles from the album as well! This along with our remixes, touring and radio show have culminated into an amazing fan base we call our Tritonians. \o/

Dave – Speaking of fans, our success has also been driven by our fans! We may make the music, but the fans need to seek it! It’s because of word of mouth, Facebook, twitter, and kind actions that we have had so much success! People that have gone out of their own way to help others succeed – we love and cherish you forever! That’s it is also very important to keep our feet on the ground and stay modest and true to ourselves :)

The speed in which you guys produce is amazing. Where do you draw your inspiration from? What’s the average time it takes to produce and remix a track?

Chad – Totally depends. We’ve been known to knock out a remix in two days flat, but a track like Still With Me (Club Mix) took upwards of 3 weeks to finalize. Some come easy, some come hard – nature of the beast!

Dave – Right, the creative process is quite a phenomenon in itself with any artist. The part that is hard is learning where your creativity derives, what drives it and how to stay inspired as much as possible around the clock (that being the toughest of the three). The best fuel to making a good track, is nurturing your creative drives. We kept this process throughout the development of our album and continue it to this day! We know our workflow quite well now! That all being said, it could take 2 days or 2 weeks! or 3 weeks!!

What would be your number 1 tip to aspiring DJs? Any production tips you’d like to share?

Dave – First off, DJ second, produce first! Production is where it’s at! These days, you cannot be a successful DJ without some form of material under your belt! Focusing on making records instead DJing records.

Chad – Constantly A-B your music to the records you feel are the absolute best, and try to nail down the problem areas. One of the hardest aspects early on is figuring out the engineering piece, so Compression, EQ, Dynamics, etc are all very tricky. Constantly comparing your sections to other records helps you identify weaknesses. We still do it all the time!

Your collaborations with Christina Soto are amazing. How did this relationship come about?

Chad – Cristina was introduced to me early on from a mutual friend. She was amazing, and we signed a record to Lost Language. Once Dave and I started collaborating, things really blossomed and the synergy took hold. It was at that point that something special began to emerge!! She lives in Austin, is a successful career girl, band member, and our amazing song bird.

Care to share any crazy stories/experiences you’ve had when touring?

Chad – Sure!! Last week in India, we had to drive from Pune to Mumbai to catch the flight to New York. About two hours in, our car completely seized and broke down on the side of the road! Not sure if any of you are aware of Mumbai traffic, but its a nightmare. An hour later, the taxi driver finally gets us a back up van over to us. These two guys pick us up, and are hauling ass to Mumbai. Along the way, we run out of gas and they have to push the car to the station! We barely made the flight, and it was one hell of a journey.

Dave – Yeah, Chad summed it up quite well on this one; our trip to India/Indonesia tours were quite the rough ones! haha!

Have you got any routines you go through before a set? How about a favourite drink you guys have to have before playing?

Chad – I don’t personally drink alcohol, we keep it pretty clean. Love getting a workout in before a set, and Dave and I usually like to chill out, discuss tracks and have a prayer before our set to calm any nerves. We’ve grown really confident on stage and go completely mental up there!!

Dave – I drink off and on, usually not often though, especially when we’re on tour. On stage, we like to keep it to water and maybe some Red Bull occasionally. We’re taming off the Red Bull though! For me, keeping a healthy state of mind is very important before performing.

I’ve heard word (from multiple sources that won’t be named :p) that there’s a tonne of bitching that goes on behind the stage, between trance artists and in the general EDM artist community. Care to share some insights on this? You don’t have to name names of course.

Chad – Hmm, not completely sure what you’re in reference to here. We don’t like drama and stay out of that.

Dave – Interesting question, we honestly haven’t really kept up with the so-called “bitching” behind stage.

What do you think is installed for trance in 2012? How about you guys, what are you up to in 2012?

Chad – We’re finally finishing off Piercing the Quiet w/ a double disk “Club & Remixes” Album! Massive artists like Super 8 & Tab, Stoneface & Terminal, Rafael Frost and more
are featured!

Dave – Additionally, we have some pretty big originals in store! It’s always exciting to be back in the studio working on fresh material and putting the rest behind for a while.

Thanks for answering our questions today. Do you have any words you’d like to say to your fans?

Tritonal – We LOVE you guys! We can’t say thank you enough for the endless support from our kick ass fans! See you all around the globe!

Thanks guys – See you at Creamfields!


See Tritonal @ Creamfields 2012 – tickets available here!

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