Know Your Trance

Know Your Trance – definition of trance, history of trance and trance sub-genres.

Definition of Trance

  1. A hypnotic, cataleptic, or ecstatic state.
  2. Detachment from one’s physical surroundings, as in contemplation or daydreaming.
  3. A semiconscious state, as between sleeping and waking; a daze

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

At the highest level, trance is a sub-genre of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Defining the term “trance” music is often difficult as it is an ambiguous term that encompasses multiple styles. While there is no strict definition of trance music, trance tracks possess qualities such as melodic overtones with hypnotic qualities. At a more technical level, trance can sit between 128 to 150 beats per minute. As with most EDM styles, the typical style is 32 beats till a change is heard on the track.

History of Trance

“Early in the 1980s the German composer Klaus Schulze composed several albums of experimental “space music” which was highly atmospheric and sequencer-driven. Some of these songs share many similarities with early trance music and are sometimes categorized as trance. Two of his albums from the 1980s include the word “trance” in their titles, 1981’s Trancefer and 1987’s En=Trance.”

Wikipedia - 2009.

Sub-Genres of Trance

Anthem and Uplifting Trance Anthem Trance, or Uplifting Trance is best described as “hands in the air” trance. Strong melodies are the focus, with the breakdowns and the buildups leaving you feeling in a “trance”.

Progressive Trance – trance that focuses more on the atmosphere and its gradual build up, rather than hynotising melodies. The tracks continuously build up without any particular focus on breakdowns and melodies.

Tech Trance – a Techno and trance merger. Can also be considered a slightly less hard version of hard trance.

Vocal Trance – A more recent form of trance that can be described as “pop trance”. The main focus is obviously encorporating vocals into the track.

Hard Trance – Trance wih the harder styles of EDM – thumping bass and beats that will get you jumping with melodic break downs to smack you out.