Eco – A Million Sounds, A Thousand Smiles

by Nguyen on 06/12/2011

in Progressive Trance

I’m a massive fan of Eco. His artist album M(You)sic is one of my favourites for the year and his tracks are just mesmerising. Eco has released a sample of his ASOT 550 anthem; A Million Sounds, A Thousand Smiles. This task has made Eco ask himself “How should an anthem sound?”

It should sound larger than life. An anthem should be a piece of music as timeless as a stone sculpture, the song that was played while that sculpture was unveiled for the first time. It should be unforgettable and on the tip of everyone’s tongues like the words “I love you” and “Life is great”. We’re so scared of saying those words but so easily inclined to curse or complain at any given moment. 

An anthem should not be “made for the club”, it should be made for the heat of battle. It should not try to rip up the dancefloor, it should rip out your insides until you’re staring at your heart. It should not sound like the newest hit, it should be as classic as the oldest psalm. Welcome to… my anthem.

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