Tech Trance

Tech trance is the fusion of techno and trance. Tech Trance tracks has become very popular for its fast and thumping characteristics. The majority if not all of Tech Trance tracks are instrumental only and are complex in nature. They consist of hard synth sounds, distorted highs, constant driving drum kicks and are generally around 140 BPM.

MaRLo – The Future

by Nguyen on 12/09/2013

in Tech Trance

Shogun – UFO

by Nguyen on 13/11/2012

in Tech Trance

Paul Webster – The Joker

by Nguyen on 08/10/2012

in Tech Trance

Simon Patterson – Within

by Nguyen on 01/08/2012

in Tech Trance

Chris Metcalfe – Curveball

by Nguyen on 24/07/2012

in Tech Trance

Indecent Noise – Phobia

by Nguyen on 03/07/2012

in Tech Trance

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