Cream: Twice in a Blue Moon Tour

by Ian on 17/09/2009

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Ferry Corsten - Twice in a Blue Moon

Woooo what a night! Ferry Corsten and Giuseppe Ottaviani rocked the fucking house down! Betsie Larkin was also amazing live. Lovely gold dress, beautiful lady with a beautiful voice.

Got there at 10 to see Giuseppe kick start the event with a low pop venue. Was quite disappointed that the event didn’t sell out the first release tickets. Sydney just doesn’t appreciate good trance.They walled off the two side-stands of the hordern, leaving the main floor, the stage and the back sitting area. Giuseppe set the mood for the night, playing some delicious tunes from his album Go!

As the clock drew closer to 11pm, the venue was packing out nicely and we were greeted with a massive display of a blue moon while Shelter Me played in the background, setting up the suspense for Ferry to appear. A minute or two later Ferry popped his head out of nowhere and the show kicked off!

First memorable song he played was Black Velvet with a live performance by Julie Messenger. I don’t remember a thing wrong with the track selections or the mixing, it was a solid performance by Ferry. Other songs to note include:

Feel Me
Radio Crash
Gabriella’s Sky
Twice in a Blue Moon
We Belong
Made of Love – wow this was amazing live. We were actually outside chilling out and taking a break when I heard that initial made of love beat and made everyone run inside :D

Ferry being the crowd pleaser that he is, dropped Punk and Rock Your Body Rock, as well as Fire. Made my night when these songs came on! The last half hour was filled with classics such as Gouryella and Out of the Blue. goosebumps thinking about when Beautiful was dropped.

What a night!

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