Above & Beyond – We Are All We Need Tracklist

by Forz on 09/12/2014

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Above & Beyond have this morning released the tracklist for the upcoming album “We Are All We Need” via Facebook. The album was announced mid-October and is due for released in January next year.

We’ve already heard a bunch of tracks from the album and are quite excited to hear it in full, start to finish. Pre-order your copy via iTunes here.




  1. Quieter is Louder
  2. We’re All We Need (feat. Zoe Johnston)
  3. Blue Sky Action (feat. Alex Vargas)
  4. Peace of Mind
  5. Counting Down the Days
  6. Sticky Fingers (feat. Alex Vargas)
  7. Hello (Album Mix)
  8. Little Something
  9. All Over the World (feat. Alex Vargas)
  10. Fly to New York (feat. Zoe Johnston)
  11. Making Plans
  12. Out of Time
  13. Excuses
  14. Save Me (feat. Zoe Johnston)
  15. Sink the Lighthouse (feat. Alex Vargas)
  16. Treasure (feat. Zoe Johnston)
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