OUT NOW: Who’s Afraid Of 138?! (Mixed by Simon Patterson & Photographer)

by Forz on 17/10/2014

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“Who’s Afraid of 138?!” is the first compilation album released under Armada and mixed by Photographer and Simon Patterson. Spread out over 39 tracks the album is dedicated to the faster-paced, “roots” of trance featuring leaders in the genre such as John O’ Callaghan, Solarstone, John Askew and the mixing artists themselves Photographer and Simon Patterson.

Released last week, the album is available for purchase on iTunes. If you’re a fan of the more uplifting, harder/faster stuff this comes highly recommended. I’ve listened to it everyday since its release and am still very much enjoying it! It’s great to see this sound getting more love recently – if only people would focus more on the great sounds that are coming out instead of whinging what genre what track “belongs” to!



Disc 1 – Simon Patterson

  1. Man With No Name – Vice Versa (Vertical Mode Radio Edit)
  2. Indecent Noise – Witch Hunt (Second Sine Remix)
  3. Will Atkinson presents Darkboy – Atkinsane (Mark Sherry Remix)
  4. Will Atkinson – Victims (Original Mix)
  5. Omega Drive – Creative Destruction (Original Mix)
  6. James Dymond – Samples Of Silk (Radio Edit)
  7. Hassan Jewel – Perception (Vlind Remix)
  8. Simon Patterson feat. Sarah Howells – Dissolve (Radio Edit)
  9. Gary Maguire & Anthony Quinn – Cangaru (Original Mix)
  10. Solarstone feat. JES – Like A Waterfall (Solarstone Pure Radio Edit)
  11. Ico presents Twisted Design – Sentinels (Original Mix)
  12. Symbolic – Insidious (Original Mix)
  13. FREq – What Rises Must Converge (Original Mix)
  14. Vertical Mode – Alien Rock (Original Mix)
  15. Johan Gielen – Physical Overdrive (Darren Porter Remix)
  16. John Askew – Plush (Radio Edit)
  17. BaseFace – Rat Catcher (Under This Remix)
  18. Riktam & Bansi – On The Floor (Original Mix)
  19. Electric Universe – The Prayer (Spirit Architect Remix)
  20. Xerox & Illumination – Source Energy (XSI Radio Edit)
  21. Spirit Architect – Newborn (Original Mix)
  22. Armin van Buuren – Ping Pong (Simon Patterson Radio Edit)

Disc 2 – Photographer

  1. Abstract Vision – Rocket (Photographer’s Intro Edit)
  2. Andre van Reese – Recovered (Original Mix)
  3. Witness45 – Madeva (Radio Edit)
  4. Menno de Jong & Adam Ellis – Solicitude (Original Mix)
  5. Paul Rigel – Never Look Back (Original Mix)
  6. Neptune Project – Lost All My Tears (Radio Edit)
  7. Harry Square – All You Can Eat (Original Mix)
  8. Abstract Vision – Drive (Radio Edit)
  9. Armin van Buuren – Save My Night (Allen Watts Radio Edit)
  10. James Dymond – Siren’s Song (Radio Edit)
  11. John O’Callaghan – One Special Particle (Radio Edit)
  12. Bobina & Christian Burns – Still In Love (Photographer Radio Edit)
  13. XGenic – Ignition (Dark Mix)
  14. Aly & Fila feat. Karim Youssef – Laily (Photographer Radio Edit)
  15. Armin van Buuren – Who’s Afraid Of 138?! (Photographer Radio Edit)
  16. Photographer – Rebound (Radio Edit)
  17. Armin van Buuren – I Don’t Own You (Witness45 Radio Edit)
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