Dennis Sheperd ft. Molly Bancroft – Silence Lyrics

by Nguyen on 31/07/2012

in Vocal Trance

The next single to be released off Dennis Sheperd’s ‘A Tribute To Life’ album features the strong vocals of Molly Bancroft. The album version of ‘Silence’ is far from a ‘trance’ track but the club mix turns up the tempo and introduces electronic sounds to create a dance floor hit!

Silence will be released on 13th of August 2012.

Made a decision in my mind
I’m gonna move on
I spend so much time
Thinking of reasons you might stay
But you’re just running around anyway

But sometimes I wish things were good
And that we had a chance
But now I see that its over
I need to recover and find some peace of mind

I hope I never see your face
Its better if you don’t track by my place
Its better if I just tell you good bye
Its better if i’m all alone
I’m feeling more alive

Say it again in case your confused
I can’t stand the feeling of being used
You wonder how I will ever survive
But baby I can live without your lies
So yea

But so long baby can you try
Can you let me go tonight
Cause when you finally lose your grip we’ll move on
I know its hard to say goodbye
But baby you have wondering eyes
I can never feel secure
All but my love is all you should want

In this silence I can see
That you and I will never be
You can’t be my everything
Time away won’t change anything
In this silence i’ve been
Waiting to feel free

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