Triple A – Winter Stayed (Alex M.O.R.P.H Mix) Lyrics

by Forz on 14/07/2011

in Vocal Trance

As mentioned in the previous post, this is what happens when massive names Armin van Buuren, Alex M.O.R.P.H and Ana Criado hang out – amazing!

Triple A - Winter Stayed EP Cover

Triple A – Winter Stayed Lyrics

Winter is here to stay,
Freezing till I’m cold and empty.
I come undone,
All has been said, all has been done.
Standing still I’m lost inside

Darkness is here to stay,
Different kind of payment for you in.
Longer days reality staring me in the face,
Standing still I’m left without.

All the love I knew faded,
As winter came, winter stayed.
The promises spring taken,
Burried under ice betrayed.

You can hear the version originally released exclusively on A State of Trance 2011 here. Which version do you like better?

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